An Overview of The Lynch Design | Build Process

60 years of experience in the construction industry has given the Lynch Design | Build team the opportunity to refine and perfect their step-by-step process. Their dependable method has led to customer satisfaction and successful project completion time and time again. Here, the construction team at Lynch Design | Build define The Lynch Way and how this proven process has left homeowners satisfied for decades.

The Initial Steps Define the Details

As a homeowner interested in hiring a team of design-build specialists to make your next home addition, remodel, or other project come to life, you want to know that the team you hire will deliver.

During our initial contact with a homeowner, we listen to your specific needs. It is essential we have a comprehensive understanding of what our clients are looking for. That way, we can create a custom project profile sheet that fits their unique wants and needs. This is where we’ll ask a ton of questions, because we want to know the exact vision of the project you have in mind. After we gather the information we need on the specific goals of a project, we’ll schedule a consultation appointment at your home that ranges from one-to-two hours. These consultations are always free, and everyone involved in the project should attend. We will take photos of the space involved in your home project. We will also discuss a wide range of topics including design criteria, structural considerations and more.

Our no-charge budget estimate consultation allows the homeowner to have benchmarks for the project budget. This also allows them to feel assured in the transparency of the budget planning process. In most cases, the project’s final cost ends up within a 10% range of the original estimate. This depends on the age of the home, the structural features of the home, the project’s complexity and more.

The Design and Construction Phases Turn The Project Into a Reality

Once the client accepts the budget, the design process begins! Thanks to the innovative software programs we rely on, our designers can create a visual design rendered from site photographs and concept sketches that reveals what the finished product will look like at completion. This concept allows homeowners to see the finished product from many different viewpoints, empowering them to feel confident in their decision making. Once the homeowner approves the design, we’ll schedule a meeting for our trade contractors to review the project, analyze a copy of the plans and learn everything they need to know about the home.

The pre-construction phase is where the start date is chosen and the homeowner’s biggest questions are answered. These questions include how the house should be prepared for the remodeling process, home security, project safety, production schedules and more. We understand that a home remodel can be a stressful and complicated process for the homeowner, which is why we make it as seamless as possible! When we’ve finally reached the construction phase, that is where the magic happens. Our team will draft a schedule that is shared with all parties, and construction is ready to begin. This part of the process is rewarding, challenging, fun, exciting and motivating. Our greatest passion is turning our clients’ remodel and construction dreams into a reality. Watching the project unfold and come alive is inspiring.

It Doesn’t Just End at Project Completion

At project completion, it’s time to tighten the bolts and check for any flaws. Our team at Lynch Design | Build strives for perfection. As we delve into the small details, we look for flaws in painting, caulking, trimming, hardware, plumbing, you name it. Our “punch list” isn’t checked off until we’re confident the project meets our highest standards. The final payment is not due until our quality of workmanship is confirmed. We have a reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction for a reason. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the work we have done. Not only will we perform check-ins to ensure everything is exactly right, but we’ll even remind you when your one-year warranty is coming up. That way, you have time to check the details that are covered and confirm the project exceeded your expectations.

Contact the Lynch Design | Build Team to Learn More

When you are looking to make your next major home project a reality, you want to hire a team with a tried-and-true, proven process that has been tested for decades. The Lynch Design | Build team is confident in their ability to execute your dream home project that exceeds your expectations. To us, it’s personal. We treat your home as if it’s ours and know that experience matters. To learn more about The Lynch Way, click here. To get started on your next exciting home project, contact us today.

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