What Exactly Does Design-Build Encompass? Here’s Why Construction and Design Go Hand-in-Hand

Design-build has become the most popular method for construction projects in America due to its collaborative nature between the designer and contractor. Design-build offers the owner the ability to manage one integrated team throughout the process. Traditional project delivery methods continue to become a thing of the past due to the lack of communication and the often adversarial relationship created between the contractor and designer. Here, the design and construction experts at Lynch Design Build will discuss what goes into this process and how it differs from traditional methods of project delivery.

Traditional Construction Projects

Traditional construction, also known as “Design-Bid-Build” is when an owner separately contracts a designer and a building contractor. In this process, the design firm will create ready-to-use design plans for the contracting company to then build out. The contractor and design firm have no contractual relationship between one another and it is up to the owner to ensure that the plans are complete for the contractor to follow and execute.

In traditional construction, the separation and lack of communication between the designer and contractor can lead to schedule and cost delays. The lack of unity often creates a tense relationship when problems arise. In many cases, the contractor and designer will blame one another for miscommunications or project mishaps, leading to increased costs, further delays and even litigation.

Design-Build Projects

This collaborative form of project delivery, the designer and contractor are one entity in an integrated team. This allows the owner to have one single contract with the design-build company, rather than two separate contracts with a design firm and a contractor. This allows for a much higher level of communication and collaboration between the designer and the contractor, meaning projects can be completed more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Team

This streamlined approach of hiring an integrated team allows for cost savings, faster completion time, fewer change orders and improved quality of work.

Cost Efficiency

The collaborative team in a design-build project is focused on efficiency and quality, allowing for a streamlined process from start to finish.

Staying on Schedule

The ability of your design and construction team to work together from the start of the project to finish will create a faster completion schedule with fewer bottlenecks and issues.

Quality of Work

Meeting the expectations and requirements of the owner is essential in any construction project. Lack of communication between teams leads to increased schedule and cost delays. Design-build is proven to mitigate these issues and provide a higher quality of work for the end-user.

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