How Environmentally Conscious Practices Improve the Design & Build Process

We’ve been making design and build dreams come true since 1958. Throughout the years, we’ve seen home construction processes change, improve, revamp and evolve.

Nowadays, sustainable home building has become quite the trend. Many of our clients come to us with inquiries about green building practices, the best sustainable materials to implement into a home remodel, and best practices for heating and cooling to become more energy efficient. As a response to the rise of sustainable building, the Lynch Design | Build team discusses new technologies and environmentally friendly materials that elevate your home to functional, stylish and sustainable.

Implement Energy Efficient Appliances and Lightning 

A simple way to remodel your home while staying green is by implementing energy-efficient appliances into your kitchen and bathroom! Replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers can reduce your carbon footprint and even lower your monthly energy bills, making it a worthwhile investment when you remodel your home.

Lighting features and lightbulbs can be replaced with greener and more energy-efficient alternatives, and even installing a simple smart meter can save you money and energy. On the subject of windows, installing larger windows allows for more passive heating to warm the home in the wintertime, and double-glazed windows can help prevent hot or cold air from escaping. This means you spend less on climate control. In Maryland, where winter can be harsh and summers can be sweltering, this is a tremendous bonus that is well worth the investment.

Do Not Forget About Insulation

Believe it or not, one of the most simple ways to save money and be environmentally conscious is to give your roof, windows and insulation a little TLC. Air sealing, insulation and moisture control are all crucial elements to maintaining a sustainable home. Good quality, renewable flooring can make a tremendous difference in your home design-wise; not to mention, it can regulate temperature and insulate your home, saving you money in energy costs. Lastly, ensuring your doors fit properly is a major way to improve the overall insulating power of your home. If your doors do not fit correctly, and there is a gap in the bottom that lets the exterior weather in, consider installing weather stripping to correct this issue.

Sustainable Materials For a Green Home 

There are many sustainable material options to choose from when starting on your home renovation project. Flooring is an area that has seen a substantial rise in sustainable practices, with environmentally friendly and recycled materials available that not only improve insulation but can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Materials like linoleum are made of natural materials with a long lifespan that can be recycled and reused after initial use.

Consider the Value of Sustainable New Builds and Remodels 

New builds, or homes that are newly built from the ground-up, have an amazing potential to be as sustainable as possible with new technologies! House framing for a new build can utilize SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) framer series lumber. SFI is a large nonprofit organization that holds the protection of biodiversity and sustainability as its highest values. In new builds and remodels, native landscaping can protect from invasive species, and plants that have deep roots can protect from erosion as well. In addition, a green wall, or a vertical wall or structure on your home that is covered with green vegetation, can act as a natural insulator! Not to mention, it is beautiful to look at. In new builds, you can also use reflective coloring and materials for your roof that can reduce heat loads on the house and conserve energy used in the HVAC. 

Lynch Design | Build Knows Sustainable

Donald F. Lynch, III is proud to be an EPA Certified Renovator (RRP). He has also studied Green Building for Professionals offered by the National Association of Home Builders, meaning he and his team is equipped with the knowledge to advise clients in green remodeling best practices.

Lynch Design | Build gives the green light for green materials. New technologies, environmentally-friendly materials, and limitless choices in tile, surfaces, and fixtures mean your new bathroom can be functional and stylish, luxurious and spa-worthy. Our team at Lynch Design | Build upholds ethical practices that don’t sacrifice on quality or aesthetics. To learn more about the rise of sustainable building, contact our home construction and remodeling efforts at Lynch Design | Build today.

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