How You Can Transform Your Outdoor Space for Year-Round Enjoyment

Summer is nearing its end, but time spent outside doesn’t have to! Sure, Mid-Atlantic autumns and winters can get quite cold, as Maryland residents know all too well. Luckily, that’s why four-season rooms exist! Below, the home remodeling and outdoor living experts at Lynch Design | Build share ways you can get the most out of your backyard for outdoor fun all year long!

Three-Season Rooms Bring the Outside In

It’s currently late summer, and that usually means a few things for Marylanders: the typically thick, humid summer days we’ve grown accustomed to are cut with cool breezes that remind us that autumn is just around the corner. The early mornings are becoming chillier; maybe we’re already seeing some crunchy leaves lining the sidewalks or creating a halo around the bases of our backyard trees. This is an exciting time, for many. But, for those who cherish time spent outdoors and in their backyards, it can bring some anxiety. What do we do with the backyard pavilion we’ve grown so attached to? How do we maximize our backyard space and avoid feeling trapped indoors for months on end?

Thankfully, that’s what three-and four-season rooms are for! Three season-rooms, often called sunrooms, can provide temperature comfort for most of the year. This means you can feel like you’re outside while avoiding shivering uncomfortably from the dreaded chill that winter brings. Many of our clients who request three-season rooms simply want more from their standard deck. A wall of windows is like a vessel for letting the outside in. Screened sidewalls can offer a refreshing, cool breeze. Ceiling fans for air circulation adds to the effect! Close in the entire space with beautiful, floor-to-ceiling windows, and you’ve got a four-season room complete with natural lighting and a pleasing backyard view.

If you’re interested in maximizing your backyard space for year-round utilization, contact the team at Lynch Design | Build, who can provide you a quote for your very own three-season room.

Enclosures Hold in the Heat

Not everyone wants a four-season room, and would rather have a fully open outdoor space—and that is okay! A wide-open back porch, deck or pavilion brings joy to so many families and is often transformative for a backyard space. However, because Maryland winters look considerably different from Florida winters, our team does suggest creating an enclosure, if possible. A deck with a pavilion will hold in a considerable amount of warmth compared to a deck without a roof or covering. 

Not only does this help contain heat during the fall, winter, and early spring, but it also protects everything underneath it from unfortunate weather. This means that rainy days can’t ruin your time spent outside. We know that some of the best days are those rainy afternoons with no plans—just you, a cup of hot coffee and a book under the pavilion, enjoying the pitter-patter of soft rain overhead. Whereas three-season rooms, pavilions, and covered porches allow for these relaxing, rainy moments, wide-open decks simply don’t provide the same luxuries. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of your yard, but want something a bit more exposed than a sunroom or even a screened-in porch, consider the many benefits a covered porch or pavilion would add to your life!

Outdoor Patio Heaters Keep Your Backyard Comfortable

If you’re happy with your current deck or porch, but want to enjoy it even more during those frigid winter months, consider installing outdoor heaters or a firepit! Outdoor patio heaters help to extend the time spent in your backyard and can be a great complement to a warm blanket or a crackling fire pit. We know we love a chilly autumn night with family in the backyard. Outdoor heaters are a must for your patio if you feel the same way. 

The Lynch Design | Build Team Can Transform Your Backyard Space

No one wants to be hauled up indoors for months on end—if anything, quarantine taught us the importance of connection, self-care and the great outdoors. A brand-new covered deck, screened-in porch or three-season room can help us foster all three of those important aspects of life, right in our own backyard. Talk to a team member from Lynch Design | Build to get your outdoor space transformed for year-round enjoyment today. 

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