Top Design Trends For 2021: What We’re Predicting for the New Year

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, but the team at Lynch Design | Build has continued to work tirelessly to provide clients with the homes of their dreams, without overlooking the current design trends that have taken over the market. Here, the team at Lynch Design | Build discusses the emerging design trends that will take the top spots of any homeowner’s wish list in 2021. 


Multifunctional Spaces 


Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more Americans have found themselves working and teaching their children from home. Maybe they’ve just realized how much stuff they’ve accumulated over the years, and extra time spent at home has allowed them to face this reality. Multifunctional spaces are the practical, yet fashionable new way to maximize your storage in 2021. From increased kitchen cabinetry, to corner nook desks, and even shelving underneath the stairwell, adding multifunctional spaces to your home can ensure that no underutilized space will go to waste!

If your 2021 wish list includes an overhaul of your outdated kitchen cabinetry, a brand-new bathroom with tons of storage, or even a revamped master bedroom with the perfect reading nook (complete with built-in bookshelves!), know that there are creative ways to make a space work for multiple different needs—and the Lynch Design Build team can help make this a reality!


Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors


We know by now that gathering outdoors is much safer than commingling indoors. For all of the hosts and hostesses out there, if you have been yearning to find ways to entertain your guests at home while maintaining appropriate safety measures during this tumultuous year, adding an indoor-outdoor space attached to your kitchen, living room, or even garage can be the perfect solution. If you’ve been longing for a gorgeous new three-season room, maybe the increased safety measures we’ve adopted going into the new year is a sign that it’s time to go all-in on the project.

We know we’ll be seeing a lot of indoor-outdoor hybrid spaces as we wave 2020 goodbye and enter 2021 with open arms. Installing an expansive covered porch can accommodate the COVID-approved gatherings you’ve been craving, and adding a fun feature like an open walk-up bar or outdoor kitchen can ensure you have an entertainment space you’ll never want to leave! 


Spa-Worthy Bathrooms


2020 has been a year like no other; full of stress and anxiety over what the future may hold. Many of us have been going downright stir-crazy with the amount of time we spend in our own homes. Most of us feel like we desperately need a vacation away from our stale spaces. If you’ve been needing an escape from your home, have you considered the value of bringing the vacation to you

As we eye 2021 trends, we know custom spa-worthy bathroom remodels are going to take off. To provide a needed escape in your home, consider upgrading your bathroom with spa-grade elements. Install a rainfall shower, upgrade to a jacuzzi tub, or even incorporate deep, soothing colors and natural wooden textures into your bathroom space—your own oasis, right at home!


More Designs We’re Predicting for 2021: Sleek Home Offices and Minimalism!


There are several exciting design trends we are looking forward to in 2021; consider our additional recommendations below to narrow down the must-haves for you during your next home renovation!

As we’re all aware, working from home has tested our creativity and our capacity for focusing amid familial obligations and other distractions. As January 1st rolls around, investing in your own minimal and uncluttered home workspace might prove beneficial. Consider the value of furnishing your own little ‘Zoom-room,” fit with ample storage and plenty of natural lighting for all of your important meetings and virtual projects. We know we’ll see mindblowing home office renovations continue to outdo themselves into the new year.

Minimalism is also taking over the interior design world, and not just in your bedroom! With all the unrest 2020 has brought, many of us have found ourselves drawn to minimalism and the mental solace that blank space brings. When it comes to your next interior remodel, consider taking a minimalist approach such as decluttering trinkets, wall hangings and other physical items that aren’t serving you in your space. You can also incorporate integrated handles, hidden latches, and edge-style pulls on your cabinets and drawers for a cohesive look in your kitchen or bathroom. You don’t have to become a full-blown minimalist, but by discarding items that cause visual clutter, you’ll be well on your way towards a crisp and clean interior—the perfect de-stressor!


Contact the Lynch Build | Design Team to Make Your Dream Home a Reality


If you are considering taking your home to the next level in the new year, you want to hire a team of qualified professionals that you can trust. The Lynch Design | Build team has been committed to serving excellence for over sixty years, while always providing the best customer service and highest quality work. To learn more about Lynch Design | Build and to bring your design dreams to life in 2021, contact us today.

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