Pros and Cons of Different Commercial Roofing Styles

When beginning a commercial project, you want a team of experienced builders on your side. Did you know that Lynch Design | Build offers commercial roofing services? Whether you have a small or large scale commercial project, our team has the expertise to ensure that your project is planned and carried out with quality and care. When it comes to roofing, there are a variety of commercial options, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Here, the Maryland construction and design specialists at Lynch Design | Build discuss the pros and cons of some of the most common commercial roofing options. 


Metal Roofing


Metal roofs have been around for quite a long time, and it is easy to see why—while they are not always the most budget-friendly option, these roofs have an extensive lifespan and heavy durability for many commercial buildings. In other words, you get what you pay for. If you live in a climate in which extreme weather or temperature conditions are common, investing in a metal roof for your commercial property may be the best option. 


Metal Roofing Pros

As stated, one of the main selling points for metal roofing is its longevity. If installed correctly, metal roofs can last 40-70 years, almost double the lifespan of other roofing options. Metal roofs are highly recyclable, as well as energy efficient by reflecting heat, reducing your energy bill up to 25%. Finally, metal roofing is highly weather-resistant, withstanding extreme conditions and providing a safer roofing option for many businesses.  


Metal Roofing Cons

The cons of metal roofing that can arise are mainly due to faulty installation, which can lead to roof damages and early repair. With metal roofing attached to large panels, the expansion and contraction of these panels may cause the roofing to loosen, leading to openings for water or damaging weather to rust the metal. Additionally, the cost of metal roofing can be up to three times higher than other roofing materials. In relation to style, repairs to metal roofs may be more difficult, as it is not always easy to find an exact color match to the original roofing. 


Asphalt Roofing


Asphalt roofing is one of the most common roofing options in the United States. As an easy-to-install, affordable option, asphalt roofing is a great choice for commercial property owners who are looking for an efficient and customizable option. At Lynch Design | Build, our commercial roofing team can find asphalt roofing options to perfectly fit the aesthetic of your property, providing both style and protection.


Asphalt Roofing Pros

One of the largest benefits to using asphalt roofing is the variety of options available. Asphalt roofing comes in many colors and textures, and can be suited to your business or commercial property with aesthetic needs in mind. Asphalt roofing is also one of the most affordable options, making large-scale projects easier to complete. Finally, like metal roofing, asphalt shingles are fire-resistant, making them a safer option. 


Asphalt Roofing Cons

While asphalt roofing does offer customizable options at a lower price, there are still some considerations to be aware of when choosing your roof. Asphalt roofing may not be as durable as metal or membrane roofing, leading to additional repairs and eventual replacement. While beneficial in the short term, these long term replacement costs can add up on a commercial property. Asphalt roofs are also not as environmentally friendly, with less recycled materials and a higher likelihood of transferring heat into your home, leading to increased energy costs. In more moisture-ridden climates, such as the Mid-Atlantic and southeast United States, rainfall may cause mildew buildup on asphalt shingles as well. 


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At Lynch Design | Build, we make it our mission to provide top-quality work for your commercial roofing needs. With extensive experience in both residential and commercial properties, our team understands the differences within each, and caters to your property’s unique needs on every project. As a commercial property owner, financial considerations and return on investment is key, and our team is here to make sure your roof will serve you well for decades to come. To learn how Lynch Design | Build can assist you on your next commercial roofing project, contact us today.

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