Renovations You Can Do To Prepare For The Best Spring & Summer Yet

It is hard to believe that warmer days are soon to be upon us in just a few months. With so much of 2020 having been spent indoors, we know that you must be looking for new ways for you and your family to spend as much quality time as you can outdoors. Here, the team at Lynch Design | Build discusses outdoor and backyard renovations you can begin now in order to have your new space ready to enjoy during those warm spring and summer days ahead!


Build a Deck, Sunroom or Three-Season Room


If you are in need of a refreshed space to entertain close family or friends and lounge about outdoors, adding a custom deck or patio space to your home is the perfect addition to enjoy during the sunny weather once it arrives! The team at Lynch Design | Build has the expertise to create the deck or patio that suits your home, your lifestyle and your needs for an outdoor space.


Sunrooms are another ideal addition to your home that can help bring the outdoors indoors! Sunrooms can grant you and your family extra space to stretch out and relax, all while basking in the natural light and adding a little bit of luxury to your home. If you are a plant-lover, a sunroom can serve as your plants’ own little oasis and give them the natural sunlight and nutrients that they need to grow!


Utilize Open Space For Dining or Fireplaces


Does your backyard seem to have so much open space that you are not quite sure what to do with it? To help bring your dining experience outdoors or, as they say, dining al fresco, consider using that free space to build a backyard dining nook. Not only does this help switch up your everyday dining experience, but can allow meals at home to become more of a fun social gathering, all while enjoying the outdoors. Fireplaces and fire pits are not only another way to add elements of fun to your spring & summer nights, but have an added benefit of utilization all year round! Building wood-burning fireplaces or fire pits can also help smoke out mosquitoes, and who doesn’t love gathering around a warm fire with close friends and family to round out a fun summer night?


Add Luxurious Additions To Your Backyard, Like Pool Pavilions & Patios


Pools are one of the most classic ways to gather and cool off during the summer months, but have you ever considered adding a pool pavilion to your backyard oasis? Pool pavilions are the perfect way to upgrade your outdoor pool landscape, as well as provide additional seating for relaxation and entertainment.


Contact the Lynch Design | Build Team To Get Your Home Spring & Summer Ready


If the lazy, tranquil days of spring and summer are already on your mind, now is the perfect time to start transforming your outdoor area into a space that you and your family can enjoy! You’ll want to get a head start while the weather is still cold, so you can maximize your enjoyment out of the finished project once it’s complete. From upgraded patios, to screened-in porches, to luxurious pool patios, the team at Lynch Design | Build has the experience and artistry to create a space that you and your family can enjoy all spring and summer long. To ensure that your space is ready in time for the warmer days ahead, contact our team today to start planning your dream home renovations!

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