Here’s Why Honest Craftsmanship Always Reigns Supreme

When it comes to building the home of your dreams, it is important to have faith in your team of builders, designers, and remodelers to get the job done right the first time. The idea of craftsmanship has been around for generations, and is a value that many look for when it comes to their home, furniture, or other artistic creations that they may acquire in their lifetime. Here, the team at Lynch Design | Build discusses why quality craftsmanship is crucial in the design and build industry and how it can transform your home from a place that causes you stress and dissatisfaction, to a place that you are proud to call your own.


What is Craftsmanship?


Craftsmanship pertains to the quality of work that is born out of passion, care, and extreme attention to detail. Craftsmanship is not just knowing how to create, but to create art—a product of great value that doesn’t lose its quality due to the pressures of expediency. Honest and fair craftsmanship in the design and build process can be quite hard to find nowadays, as efficiency and the speed by which a structure could be built often take priority. It can be all too easy to sacrifice style and character for practicality, haste and ultimately, what’s cheapest. Due to this, it may be difficult to find a company dedicated to achieving your goals while providing honorable work and staying true to your creative vision. It is important to realize that both the client and the craftsman have the same goal: a quality product. Projects that are performed by true craftsmen are timeless. Craftsmen pay special attention to detail by following best practices and display a willingness to go above and beyond.


How Does It Pertain to the Design and Build Industry?


In the build and design industry, craftsmanship is the difference between easily accessible “luxury-fads” and designs that will last for many generations and support day-to-day living; it is the difference between an average home or remodel and the ability to present you with the home of your dreams, built with the highest quality and artistry. Craftsmanship should be a top priority for clients seeking a remodel that is an investment into their future lives. It should also be a top priority for builders seeking to create durable, timeless and high-quality structures that reflect their meticulousness. At Lynch Design | Build, we see our team as artisans who make it their job to uphold quality and build strong relationships with our clients.


Why is it Worth it To Invest In Quality?


In our society, we tend to employ the word “invest” outside merely discussing the stock market. For example, when we look to quit fast fashion in exchange for more expensive items of clothing that stand the test of time, we call it investing in higher-quality items. We say that paying a higher cost for fresh, healthy groceries each month is making an investment in our health long-term. When we say we are investing in fine jewelry, we are doing so with the intention that these pieces of jewelry will last for decades to come and even be worth more money one day. Ultimately, investing in your purchases is often investing in yourself, because you are making the intentional decision to value quality over quantity, and quality over cheapness.


The same concept goes for the roof over your head and the walls that surround you. An alluringly low initial estimate may mean less of an investment upfront, but may also mean a poor job and years of unnecessary upkeep expenses and additional remodeling costs down the road. In other words, a cheaply done remodel might cost more in the long run when upgrades have to be made to fix jobs that weren’t done right, such as improper plumbing, poorly installed cabinets or appliances that are falling victim to planned obsolescence.


Ultimately, consider your home remodel as an investment in your home, your family and your quality of life—scope out a design and build firm that honors craftsmanship, and who will execute a design and final product that is exemplary of that craftsmanship. You will notice and reap the benefits of a job well done the first time for years to come.


Contact the Lynch Design | Build Team To Work With Trusted Craftsmen on Your Next Home Project


Whether it is a bathroom remodel, a roof upgrade, or a spacious home addition, the team at Lynch Build | Design can turn your dreams into a reality. We make it a top priority to continue to expand our knowledge and artistry to provide the highest quality services possible. We want you to be proud to say that your home renovation was a Lynch Design | Build project, and you can rest assured that our craftsmanship will be worth the investment. To begin your dream home renovation project with a team of skilled and trusted craftsmen, contact us today! We have been providing value to our clients in Harford County and beyond for over 60 years.

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