3 Awe-Inspiring Outdoor Renovations for When You Have Too Much Yard

If you asked your friend living in an apartment or townhouse what their number one dream home must-have is, they’d probably say, “I wish that I had a bigger yard, or a yard at all!” You might even hear this response from someone who lives in a single-family home with less-than-ideal padding between each property.

It’s fairly common for individuals without a backyard to yearn for the day they can own expansive property with vibrant green grass mowed so perfectly you can see the light and dark lawn stripes. But what about those homeowners with too much untouched land than they know what to do with? While it’s a wonderful thing to have a big yard, it can also be hard to look out at the blank slate of green grass and know how to transform it into the entertainment space of your dreams. If you have an underutilized yard that has the potential to be an oasis, but you don’t know where to start, the Harford County home remodeling professionals at Lynch Design | Build offer three unique outdoor remodels to get your creativity wheels turning.


Install a Custom Patio


Many individuals with large yards try to cover their acreage with pools, blooming gardens, and even chicken coops! These are fun components that add character to any yard, but they also need upkeep. Luckily, there are one-time backyard upgrades you can make that don’t need constant maintenance.

For example, large backyards with too much empty space can be transformed with a simple patio. It can easily become your favorite place to entertain friends, read a book on a quiet morning, grill burgers and veggies for family dinner, or simply unwind with a cocktail after a long day. This all comes without the need for constant maintenance and upkeep. Once a quality patio is installed, it can last for decades without any issue. It’s an investment that pays itself off and then some.


Incorporate Multiple Styles of Outdoor Space 


We see so many individuals fall victim to indecision when determining what type of backyard remodel they want. They can’t decide if they’d rather have a completely closed sunroom, a versatile three-season room, a covered porch, or a wide-open patio. While each offers its own unique benefits, a homeowner with lots of yard can benefit from incorporating a variety of options into their backyard blueprint.

Dream up a screened-in porch that opens up into a patio, or a raised deck above the pool, to diversify the look of your backyard and offer more opportunities for how you spend time enjoying it. Even a balcony on the second-story covering an open porch, shown here, offers versatility. We find that creative backyard spaces that utilize a few different outdoor elements look like they came out of a magazine—there is a natural flow to the space that makes everything look like it belongs together. It keeps your backyard looking interesting and updated, while also offering a variety of different options for spending time outdoors, whether you want to protect yourself from the elements or bask in the sun.


Perfect Your Pool Area with a Pavilion


If you own a pool, it is likely the focal point of your yard. It’s where most of the outdoor gathering surrounds, it’s where the kids like to play, it’s an investment that you want to get your full use out of. While owning a pool is a much-desired summer commodity, they can feel and look out of place in a large yard because there is so much empty space surrounding it.

An easy way to help your pool feel like a seamless part of your yard? Building an outdoor pavilion. Not only does a pavilion offer protection from the sun and even a place to shelter during summer showers, but it offers an aesthetic appeal to an otherwise plain yard. It’s the perfect place for shaded lounging when you want to be near the pool, but don’t want to bake in the sun. You can also add stylish outdoor seating, a grill, a fire pit, and even an outdoor kitchen or shower to complete the space and entertain guests.


It’s Time to Build the Backyard You’ve Always Wanted 


It’s truly a wonderful thing to have a yard. They truly define our homes at times, and it’s where so much of our at-home socialization and summer fun happens. Warm weather is upon us (yay!) and families everywhere are dusting off their outdoor furniture, opening their pools and planning their annual gatherings. A backyard that is suited to your lifestyle and designed for maximum entertainment will foster years of memories. To talk to an outdoor renovation professional at Lynch Design | Build about your interest in a new sunroom, porch, pool area, entertainment space or other backyard remodel, contact us today

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