Upward, Not Outward: The Benefits of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

The longer we stay in the same house, the more space we seem to require. Whether we have a need to add bedrooms to accommodate a growing family or more storage space to house the toys and whistles we collect, sometimes a home addition is necessary. However, there is a significant drawback of a home addition that often prevents homeowners from taking the leap—the worry that it will eat up precious yard space.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice acreage in order to expand your home. Instead, take advantage of your verticals. Below, the design & build professionals at Lynch Design | Build explain the benefits of adding a second story to your home.


Easily Add More Rooms Without Sacrificing Yard Space


We all know that every square inch of your backyard matters when you don’t have much real estate to work with in the first place. If you have a growing family but a small yard, adding a second story allows you to add square footage without cutting into your lawn.

If you have a one-story house, such as a ranch, you can take advantage of the space above your house by adding multiple bedrooms and bathrooms on a second story. You can also add a custom second-story porch or sunroom off the master bedroom, which can sit over existing outdoor space. It’s the most efficient way to grow the size of your home. Even if you don’t have a current need for a full second-story addition, a partial addition—like a master bedroom over the garage, for example—still adds immeasurable value to your home without sacrificing limited yard space. Whether you’re interested in getting a partial addition or full addition, utilizing vertical space means more opportunities for you to maximize every inch of your property.



Make Needed Upgrades to Your Roof in the Process


When adding a second story to a ranch, you’ll need to temporarily remove the roof. If you require more space for your growing family, and also have a roof that is long overdue for an upgrade, a second-story addition allows the option to redo your roof in the process. For many households, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to replace the roof during the addition process.


No Need to Move!


This is perhaps the greatest benefit of any home addition: you don’t have to go house hunting. There’s nothing like growing your home as your family grows, all the while staying put in the neighborhood you love. Moving requires so much stress and hassle, especially in today’s housing market. Instead, put love and care into the house you already call home.

An addition ups the value of your home and your neighborhood, so don’t abandon your space just because it currently doesn’t serve your family. It is worth it to put the effort into your existing home so that it does serve your family for years to come, especially if you love your current property, location, and nearby school system.


Build Upward with Lynch Design | Build


At Lynch Design | Build, we are passionate about serving our clients and treating each and every project with intentionality and craftsmanship. Like we always say, “We’re a family, trying to add to our family, with our customers.” We believe in the power of transforming homes and the effects it can have on our lives. For inspiration, please browse our gallery and service page for examples of the work we do. To speak with a home addition professional at Lynch Design | Build about adding on to your home, contact us today.

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