5 Essential Tips To Consider Before Beginning A Whole-House Remodel

At Lynch Design | Build, we love the value and energy an interior remodel brings to a home. We believe all homes have potential, and a remodel is like a breath of new life into an underutilized space. Looking to start from scratch and remodel your entire house? It’s no small feat, but it’s entirely worth it. Continue reading to learn our top five tips to consider before remodeling your home.


Establish a Timeline  


Remodels, especially whole-house remodels, take time. If all goes according to plan, your remodel will be completed months after you begin the process. This means you need to establish when you want your remodel to be finished at the latest, and work backwards from there.


If you want your kitchen, living room and bathrooms remodeled before the holiday season, you need to start the process of remodeling in the late summer or early fall. If you want your outdoor oasis finished by summer, you’ll need to start remodeling in the winter months prior. You can’t rush quality craftsmanship; there is no quick-fix remodeling job that will stand the test of time. Establishing your timeline and being transparent about your deadlines with your contractor is the best way to go.


Create a Budget


Most contractors (the honest ones, at least) are very transparent about their pricing to ensure you are not paying over your budget. It’s important to discuss your budget early on so your design & build specialist can properly scope your project. 


There’s no problem with having a flexible budget, however you should establish a budget that is comfortable for you prior to a consultation. During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your price range with your contractor, who can then determine the project scope that is right for your project and your priorities.


Have a Clear Vision For Design and Style


No doubt, a design & build specialist can help you map out the overall structure, general design and practical elements of your remodeling project. However, entering the project with an idea of what you want the style of your interiors to look like will influence how your design & build specialist approaches your remodel. 


While you don’t need to map out your design inspiration down to the last throw pillow, light fixture and fast cap trim, you should inform your contractor of your general style direction, such as your taste in interiors, your preferences in how each room should be set up, and your must-haves list. 



Define Your Goals 


Perhaps the most important step to consider before beginning a remodel. Ask yourself why you are going forward with this project. Is it to expand your home that you’ve completely outgrown and add an extra room or two? Do you feel cramped in your closed floor plan and wish to knock down a few walls? Is it because your interiors are outdated and no longer serving you? 


Clearly define your goals with the remodel and share this with your contractor. This will help keep you focused on what’s most important and keep your budget at bay, while also enabling you and your contractor to be on the same page. Remodels are fun and worthwhile, but only when you have defined a clear goal that you’re working towards. That way, the job gets done right the first time.


Choose A Qualified Design | Build Specialist to Make Your Remodel Come to Life


While a whole-house remodel is a huge undertaking, you don’t have to go it alone. Working with a skilled team of specialists will ensure your project goes smoothly and stays on budget. When it comes to a large-scale renovation, you don’t want to take the quick and cheap route, which will likely lead to costly repairs and touch-ups down the road. Our certified design & build specialists have a tried-and-true approach to managing a remodel from initial scoping to final completion. To learn more about our 8-step process, click here.


We are proud to have served countless Maryland families who were in need of a remodel—you can browse our testimonials here and see for yourself the joy that remodels can bring to a family. To get in touch with a professional and schedule a free consultation for your whole-house renovation, give us a call at 410-879-5510. We are proud to serve families in Harford County and beyond.

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