Top Remodeling Trends for Luxury Homes

Over the last eighteen months, many have moved to new homes or decided to undergo renovation projects. But the decision to remodel a home is only half the battle—the hard part is deciding what changes to make! For all homeowners, and especially luxury homeowners, the options can be overwhelming, so following design trends can be a great way to brainstorm.


With ample space and resources, luxury homeowners have a special opportunity to drive trends for the coming years. Whether it be statement lighting, eye-catching walls, or glamorous dressing rooms, there are countless ways to elevate your home. You also don’t need a luxury home to adopt these trends; it can be helpful for all homeowners to look at luxury renovations for inspiration and guidance on where trends are headed. With Lynch Design | Build, determine the best options for your space, then capitalize on the chance to beat the curve and establish your home as that of a trendsetter.



Outdoor Living


While some think of the past eighteen months as time spent indoors, many were happy to spend much more time outside. It’s no surprise that design trends indicate a transition toward outdoor-access layouts.


Whether you choose swinging French doors, sliding patio doors, or stacking glass walls, implementing indoor-outdoor layouts that offer sunlight and seamless transitions from the home to the yard are very popular. For smaller yards, features like Juliet balconies, cozy patios, and tiny terraces can achieve the same effect.


Home Offices


After almost two years of online and hybrid work, many have decided to permanently forgo working in the office full-time. When building a home office, there are several factors to consider and review with your contracting team. While traditional factors like furniture and color are important, it’s also vital to find an optimal location in your house for the office. Consider finding a quiet or secluded spot, then decide on what decor or storage would work best in the space. This project offers you control in making your office the most effective for your needs, making it a must-have for luxury homeowners.


Statement Lighting


Nothing elevates luxury homes like individuality—after all, what’s more intriguing and elegant than a rare or one-of-a-kind piece? One way to make your home stand out from the rest is by featuring unique lighting fixtures. Choosing the perfect fixtures can allow you to set the mood in each room and capture your personal style. When deciding on lighting for your home, don’t be afraid to try eccentric or eclectic pieces, and be sure to ask your contractor for tips on how to find the best fixture for your home.



In-Home Dressing Rooms


The inclusion of large dressing rooms is another clear marker of a luxury home. This style goes beyond a traditional walk-in closet; in addition to their functionality, these rooms offer flexibility in terms of design. Whether it be a large island, a handbag display case, couch and ottoman, or a ceiling-height shoe rack, dressing rooms can feature whatever you want.


For the perfect dressing room, be sure to feature large mirrors, flattering lighting, spacious closets and plenty of drawers in addition to your specific choices. With the help of your contractor, you can customize a dressing room that fits both your storage and aesthetic needs.


Eye-Catching Walls


There are a variety of options for creativity with your walls. For paint, interior design trends suggest a deviation from the standard neutrals toward bold and rich hues. Choosing strong, dark colors like navy blue, violet, and burgundy is a unique way to personalize your home. This tactic works for houses of all price points, as it is an affordable yet effective way to transform your space.


For those who prefer wallpaper, styles showcasing geometric shapes, strong prints, or vintage patterns are growing in popularity. Some options even mimic natural materials like wood or marble. No matter what you choose for your walls, luxury home trends encourage you to choose something bold and fitting to your style!


Chef’s Kitchens


Chef’s kitchens are expansive and versatile spaces that accommodate high-volume cooking as well as entertaining. They’re the perfect home addition for the avid chef who is frequently frustrated with the limitations of their current kitchen.


Unlike your traditional kitchen, chef’s kitchens often have ample countertop space, multifunctional kitchen islands, top-tier appliances and even specialty items like heating drawers to keep food warm before serving. To learn more about chef’s kitchens and how they can be the perfect accompaniment to your luxury home, click here.


Find the Perfect Team


No matter the house or the project, it’s necessary to find the best team for your needs. If you want a team of talented experts who have a knack for elevating interior and exterior spaces, the luxury remodelers at Lynch Design | Build are the perfect fit. Call (410)-879-5510 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team and begin your renovations today!

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