Specialty Projects That Make Your Home More Luxurious

One of the many benefits of owning a luxury home is the opportunity to incorporate specialty spaces into the layout. These rooms can be anything you wish, such as an art studio to pursue your creative endeavors, a game room and theater to entertain your guests, or a luxury at-home spa and sauna for self-care days. Here, the luxury design specialists at Lynch Design | Build provide seven specialty room ideas to give you inspiration for your next home remodel.


Workout Spaces


Whether you’re a full-blown fitness guru or someone who prefers casual exercise to unwind, consider the value of a workout space in your own home. Your home gym will certainly need equipment that fits your needs, including treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, or weights.


Beyond a general workout space, some opt for additional rooms that are specific to certain fitness activities. For the dedicated yogi, an at-home studio allows you to complete a quick flow whenever you need. Similarly, indoor courts are fun additions to any luxury home; examples include squash, racquetball, tennis, and even basketball courts. Finally, for the aquatic addict, indoor pools offer tons of opportunities for fun and entertainment all year round.


Since the events of early 2020, many homeowners have been looking for creative ways to exercise at home without needing to go to a gym. If it’s your dream to bring the gym to you, know that there are plenty of options for you to design and build your dream workout space. Whatever your workout preferences are, the experts at Lynch Design | Build can create the perfect space to suit your needs.


Home Library


For the bibliophiles, an at-home library can be a necessity for properly storing and organizing books and decor. Whether you want it to be elegant and formal, chic and functional, or colorful and snug, your home library is a great place to put your individual design style on display—as well as your extensive book collection! 


Walls of custom built-in bookshelves are a must in any home library or study, but the rest is left up to your own style discretion. For a modern and minimalistic look, experiment with monochromatic shelving and keep your display items to a minimum. For a cozy and traditional aesthetic, consider dark woods such as mahogany, walnut, or cocobolo, and add a sliding library ladder to match. If you’re an avid writer, incorporate a writer’s desk to work from when inspiration strikes. Don’t forget a comfy chair (or two!) and a basket full of warm blankets to curl up with when reading. Home libraries don’t have to be extravagant, but they belong in any luxury home.


Home Movie Theater


Blockbusters, award-winners, family favorites—no matter what you love to watch, a home theater is a perfect place for the viewing party. Home theaters can be enjoyed for family movie nights, cheering on your favorite team, or even binging a new hit show with your significant other. Since you’ll want your space to be comfortable, unique, and personal, it’s smart to bring your ideas to expert designers like those at our firm, who can come up with a design plan that’s perfect for you. Many of our clients who have requested home theaters wanted the room to have an authentic movie theater feel—including recessed lighting, surround sound, and a projection screen. Beyond the large screen and projector that is necessary for any at-home theater to feel like the real thing, auditorium-style reclining chairs are a must. For an added fun touch, at-home concession stands with a popcorn machine, mini-bar, and candy counter will make any adult feel like a child again! With all of these features and amenities, any time spent in your home theater will be time well spent. 


At-Home Spa


An at-home spa allows homeowners to take relaxation to the next level. With a relaxing oasis in your own home, it becomes infinitely easier to make time to unwind. Many home spas contain a sauna and steam room to help you sweat out toxins and stress (and for those who also have a home gym, it’s the perfect final step after a workout). 


Other amenities of luxury home spas include ice plunge pools, massage tables, and jacuzzi tubs. Don’t forget to incorporate a spacious closet and stock it with quintessential fluffy white robes. Whatever you need to relax is possible when building your own luxury home spa, so dream big.


Game Rooms


In luxury homes, game rooms are the perfect place to entertain guests and embrace your competitive side. Billiards, pool, and shuffleboard tables are all great game room staples for a more refined gaming experience. Pinball machines, vintage arcade games, and air hockey tables are also often found in luxury home game rooms. Don’t forget TVs for playing and streaming video games. For the golf lovers of the world, installing a simulator in your game room or renovated basement will motivate you to continue practicing your swing even in the dead of winter. At Lynch Design | Build, we partner with Full Swing to bring golf practice straight to our client’s homes. 


Wine Cellar


For the wine connoisseur, a home cellar is one of life’s greatest luxuries. A designated space separate from the living or dining room makes wine tasting in your own home an exclusive experience. There’s more planning behind building a wine cellar than meets the eye, but our team has nailed down the crucial steps: first, we discuss placement and temperature control with you before starting your project. Once logistics are established, we discuss the materials we will use in your project to match your aesthetic goals.

Beyond design, it’s important to plan which security measures you will incorporate, if any. Some luxury wine cellars are equipped with fingerprint scanners, number passcodes, or RFID bottle authentication. All of these features can be discussed, compared, and selected with the help of our crew. When designed well, wine cellars can be as beautiful as they are functional.


At-Home Bar


At-home bars are the perfect way to display your liquor collection, entertain friends and family, and watch the gamein a more immersive way. At Lynch Design | Build, we’ve built several custom bars for our clients that have met their unique functional and aesthetic needs. No matter your style, the amount of space you’re working with, or your alcohol preferences, there’s an at-home bar that can be designed to meet your taste. Work with our design team to determine the scale and choose a material for your custom bar that will encapsulate the style and sophistication you desire. Once that’s complete, select your preferred way of showcasing your inventory; we’ll help you choose a bar cabinet or display style that will show off your collection while matching your home’s interior.


Consult with a Design | Build Expert


No matter the specialty project you wish to incorporate into your home, our team can design and build it. Need more home inspiration or wish to break ground on your next home remodel? Call (410) 879-5510 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team!

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