This Spring, Create Your Self-Care Sanctuary in Advance

Ever wonder why your local shops and grocers start selling seasonal items months ahead of time? Or why your favorite clothing stores begin displaying their summer collection months before we even see temps rise above 50 degrees? Industries like fashion, food and home decor have to plan way in advance—sometimes an entire year ahead—in order to stay on schedule and ensure there is enough time to manufacture goods that meet consumer demands.


On the same thread, home remodeling requires lots of planning ahead. It’s already time to start thinking about upgrades that will add value to your home in the late summer and early fall. Think self-care sanctuaries like a modernized kitchen or a luxury master bathroom with all of the amenities. The ideal weather conditions also make it the most comfortable time of year for both workers and homeowners to break ground on renovations and gut jobs.


Prioritize Self-Care In Your Home Remodel


We hear the term “self-care” floating around a lot in popular culture, and we think it applies to our industry as much as any other. After years of dealing with your home’s outdated features, inefficiencies and general annoyances, you should be approaching the thought of a renovation with the goal of self-care and comfort above all else. What needed renovations will add quality to your life? What current grievances about your home can be mitigated with upgrades that are tailored to your lifestyle?


As you start identifying gaps in your home—like the cramped kitchen, the awkward home layout that leaves dead space, or the frustrating lack of storage space—think about the simple yet transformative updates you could make that would relieve these issues and improve both your quality of life and your general outlook on your home. And most importantly, take our advice and think one or two seasons ahead. For instance, how could a kitchen remodel now give you the space you need for the autumn holidays? How could a luxurious new bathroom now offer you comfort when temperatures begin to cool? How could beginning a sunroom addition now give you a refreshing space to watch football while the leaves begin to turn?


We’re all looking forward to the warm days ahead, and the cooler months that follow may be the last thing on your mind, but being proactive now ensures your dream home remodel will be ready to enjoy in a timely manner.



Home Improvement and Remodeling Ideas to Start This Spring


In addition to the spring cleaning and seasonal maintenance that this time of year requires, take a moment to think about projects that can transform your home into a self-care sanctuary by late summer/early fall. Below are home renovations that are always a hot topic in the back half of the summertime:


Make Your Kitchen Work for You


Many original kitchens in older homes are cramped and lack the storage and counter space that many modern families desire. Ultimately, your kitchen should be working for you; not the other way around. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen so you can enjoy it by the next season, consider these often overlooked but infinitely helpful amenities:


  • Heated drawers for keeping prepared food warm.
  • Luxury appliances that are immune to planned obsolescence.
  • A functional island that has ample counter space, complete with built-in cabinetry and appliances.
  • Outlets in clever areas including on the island or next to where your appliances will live.
  • A pot filler over the stove to reduce trips to the sink.
  • Upper cabinetry that reaches the ceiling to avoid dead space, or trendy floating shelves for aesthetic display capabilities.
  • Hidden appliances that seamlessly blend with your cabinetry, creating cohesion.



Plan a Bathroom Remodel That Promotes Comfort


The bathroom may exist in the shadows of larger gathering spaces like the kitchen or living room. However, you’d be surprised by how much your home life can be improved with a luxurious bathroom remodel. Whether you’re sick of looking at your bathroom’s tired design, or it is functionally lacking due to outdated appliances, beginning a bathroom remodeling project now will give you a place to unwind in the cozier months.


Here are just a few luxury amenities that can transform your bathroom from an afterthought to the most relaxing spot in the house:

  • A shower that serves as a wet room to limit falls
  • Heated tiles and towel racks to create a comfortable environment in the cooler months.
  • Marble tile and high-end cabinetry to give your bathroom a clean and luxurious feel.
  • More natural light via a skylight or bigger windows to help the space feel more open and vibrant.



Create a Self-Care Sanctuary


Spring is the perfect time to design a custom space that is just for you; a section of your home that promotes relaxation, hobbies, or alone time. This could be anything of your choosing depending on your lifestyle and taste. Think:


Let your imagination run wild with this one. What unique room not often found in a traditional home would significantly improve your self-care journey?


Be Proactive About Remodels: Plan For the Season Ahead


Extensive projects can often take months to complete, which means homeowners should start thinking about their remodels at least one season in advance. Summer means more free time for you, better weather conditions, and an accommodating contractor offseason. It’s the perfect time to start planning your project to be ready for the late summer and early fall—and don’t forget to prioritize self-care in your planning.


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