Awkward Stage Series: How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels, or any home remodeling project for that matter, are meant to be exciting and rewarding for homeowners. You’re making needed changes to your home to accommodate your growing family or making modern updates to a space that is no longer serving you.


However, it would be disingenuous not to talk about the less glamorous side of kitchen remodeling—the months of construction where your regular daily routine is upended and your access to a fully functioning kitchen is either limited or nonexistent. Here, our team discusses the steps you can take to mitigate these stressors by building a makeshift kitchen in a spare room.


Create a Temporary Kitchen in Another Room


It requires a bit of advanced preparation, but there is a way to reduce some of the disruption and chaos of a kitchen remodel by setting up a makeshift kitchen in an available room of your house. If available, your dining room, basement, guest bedroom or garage can make for a perfectly suitable kitchen replacement. Below are a few items we recommend investing in to create a temporary, yet functional kitchen:


Use Common Household Items as Temporary Countertops and Storage

In lieu of a countertop or kitchen island, set up a few folding tables where you can prepare ingredients to make meals. It may not be as convenient or aesthetically pleasing as the countertops you’re getting in your new remodeled kitchen, but they get the job done!


In addition, consider purchasing a few large Tupperware bins from the store if you don’t already have some. These storage bins can be an easy and cost-effective way to store your portable appliances and kitchen supplies for when you need them.


Use Portable Kitchen Appliances to Whip Up Meals from Any Room

Invest in a few versatile kitchen appliances such as an electric hot plate, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and toaster oven. With a combination of these tools, you’re able to cook a surprising variety of meals.


These items can be reasonably priced and even make great additions to your finished kitchen, once it’s complete. Chances are you already have common kitchen appliances such as a coffee pot and a microwave, so make sure you have access to those necessary items during kitchen construction.


Invest in A Mini-Fridge and/or Chest Freezer

Mini-fridges come in handy during kitchen renovations as a way to keep fresh items in your diet. Otherwise, you would have to rely on many dry goods, prepackaged items and restaurant trips to make it through your kitchen remodel. If you don’t have access to a mini-fridge, coolers filled with ice can be a fine, albeit less convenient swap.


Similarly, consider investing in a large chest freezer. These portable freezers are convenient for storing prepared meals that you can thaw for family dinners. Again, this requires some advanced planning, but leading up to your kitchen remodel, attempt to set aside time to batch cook easy family meals that freeze well and thaw beautifully. These include pasta sauces, pasta dishes, protein-based dishes, soups and casseroles.


Consider Purchasing Disposable Kitchenware to Get You Through the Remodel Phase

If access to a sink for cleaning dishes is not easy, this may be a time where you rely on disposable utensils, paper plates, napkins and other kitchenware. We know it’s not the most environmentally friendly option, but there are many brands out there that focus on creating reusables made out of sustainable or recycled materials. Sometimes, these convenience items are necessary for surviving a kitchen remodel.


Ultimately, constructing your own temporary kitchen requires a bit of investment, but it’s likely more cost-effective in the long run compared to eating out daily. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll do!


Unearth the Potential of Your Kitchen By Working With Lynch Design | Build


Kitchens are the heart of the home. It’s where people gather and memories are made. It’s where you prepare delicious meals that nourish your loved ones. It’s where you often spend the most amount of time, whether you’re the one cooking, eating, working, or cleaning up. That’s why it’s important to have a kitchen that is functional for you and your family. A kitchen that serves your needs is what ultimately turns your space into a sanctuary that you look forward to coming home to.


Remodeling your kitchen is an investment, and it can be downright messy during the construction stage, but it’s rewarding for years to come! Contact our office today by clicking here or calling us at 401-879-5510 to schedule a free consultation.

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