How Your Home’s Design Can Impact Hosting for the Holidays

As the holiday season gets closer, it’s time to turn our attention to hosting. While there are many things you can do to make sure your guests are comfortable, keeping the design of your kitchen in mind when you remodel can lead to one of the most impactful changes that affect how you entertain. Thankfully, the team at Lynch knows a thing or two about planning a design that is practical for party hosting.

Here, the professionals at Lynch Design | Build outline the qualities of a kitchen that is primed for hosting guests this holiday season and beyond.

Qualities of a Guest-Ready Kitchen

Open Concept vs. Closed Floor Plan

In an open floor plan, no walls exist between spaces. This means your kitchen, dining room and living room are one open space. Meanwhile, traditional or closed floor plans separate spaces and rooms with enclosed walls. While there are pros and cons to both styles, an open-concept floor plan can have some clear advantages when it comes to entertaining. Rather than be stuck in an enclosed space while your guests mingle in other rooms, a kitchen that opens to your entertaining spaces allows the host to be part of the party. Open floor plans also allow for greater flexibility when it comes to rearranging furniture and without walls to block sight lines may give the illusion of being larger spaces than they are in reality.

Large Island vs. Large Dining Room Table

Large kitchen islands can bring plenty of practical advantages to the design of your kitchen. From increasing counter space to offering additional storage, they can be more than a gathering place for breakfast and clutter. When it comes to hosting, large islands can free up other parts of your home for additional courses or plates and and can even free up your dining room table, allowing for beautiful tablescapes that may not otherwise fit on a table full of serving platters A large dining room table can also be a focal point of your home but may take up more space than necessary for furniture that may not often be used.

Design Around the Appliances

Have you ever tried to start cooking your sides for Thanksgiving dinner but your turkey still has a ways to go until it’s done? Or pulled everything out of your refrigerator to reorganize an abundance of leftovers? If you like to entertain, think about installing appliances in your home that can make the process of hosting run a little smoother. Gas ranges are very popular with home cooks, allowing you to reheat and prepare meals perfectly. Large refrigerators with multiple drawers allow homeowners to organize leftovers with ease. Our favorite–the double oven–really shines on special occasions when multiple dishes need to be cooked at once. While these appliances may make hosting events easier, they do take up a little more space than their basic counterparts. Make sure your design team keeps the size of these appliances in mind when choosing counters, cabinets, and other parts of your kitchen design.

Tips for Renovating with Party Hosting in Mind

Think about how you will use the space.

While a gas oven might be a great option for some home chefs, it may not be worth the additional expense if you prefer to have your parties catered. Similarly, if you prefer a traditional or closed floor plan over the more modern, open-concept there are ways to make it work for entertaining. Your tastes, preferences, and budget should be top of mind when designing a space that meets the needs of your particular lifestyle.

Determine how much you enjoy hosting.

Having space for your guests is more than just the space for the actual party. In addition to designing a kitchen that meets the needs of your guests, there are other rooms you may want to consider sprucing up. Will you need to design guest rooms in case your guests have to spend the night? Would you like to host family members that may be visiting from out of town? If you’re comfortable with guests spending the night, you may want to consider designing spaces for them to stay.

Figure out the scope of your home remodeling project in advance, including the extent and budget.

For extensive kitchen remodels, you may be displaced for a period of time due to construction rendering your kitchen unusable. Can you live without a kitchen in the time being or do you need to make alternative lodging arrangements? Is your budget realistic for the scope of the renovation project you have in mind? While overages happen, a good contractor should be able to stick to a reasonable range barring unforeseen circumstances.

Start Your Home Remodel Project with Lynch Design | Build Today

The value you can get out of a renovated home is truly limitless. At Lynch Design | Build, our years of experience help us to create accurate budget plans for our clients and predict where unexpected costs may arise in designing the entertaining space of your dreams. Our team is passionate about working with Maryland homeowners to bring out their home’s potential. To talk to us about your remodeling project, or to learn more about our home remodeling services, contact us today by calling 410-879-5510.

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