How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Choosing to remodel your kitchen can lead to dreams of spectacular meals and weirdly satisfying organization hacks, but before you start planning your next dinner party it’s important to set realistic expectations for how long your kitchen remodel project will take. Thankfully, managing projects and expectations is what the Lynch team does best. Below, the professionals at Lynch Design | Build outline how long you should expect your kitchen remodel to take and share some tips to ensure your project stays on your timeline.


Start with Realistic Expectations

While the time it takes to complete a kitchen remodel project can vary based on scope, availability and design, our team estimates that most kitchen renovations will take somewhere between six to eight weeks. This is six to eight weeks during which you cannot use your kitchen for basic household tasks, such as cooking, preparing food, or machine washing dishes. Before you take on a kitchen remodel project, it is important to prepare for these inconveniences.


Order Early to Prevent Delays

One of the main reasons for delays when it comes to kitchen remodel projects is unavailable or out-of-stock materials. To ensure that everything runs smoothly once we gets started, Lynch helps pre-plan and order long lead time materials.


Plan for Storage

If you’ve ever moved before, you know that some of your heaviest and voluminous possessions live in your kitchen. From the myriad of small appliances you may have in your cabinets to the dozens of plates, pots, pans, and silverware you use day-to-day, even special occasion plates and serving platters can add to the weight. It is important to consider where all of this will be stored when you can no longer hide things away neatly in your cupboards and cabinets. 


Is there space in your basement or spare bedroom? If not, consider budgeting for a storage container to temporarily accommodate possessions that need to be relocated during your kitchen remodel project. Having a plan in place for storage will save time when it comes to getting started on your remodel.


Get Ready to Love Takeout 

While not the healthiest option for most, everyone has to eat and during a kitchen remodel project you will likely be eating a lot of takeout. Without the use of your kitchen, this will be the most convenient option. Readily prepared foods from the grocery store deli, mail-order microwave meals, and food delivery services can be your salvation during this time, offering lighter options at a better price point than other quick-prepared food options.


Start Your Home Remodel Project with Lynch Design | Build Today

The value you can get out of a renovated kitchen is truly limitless. At Lynch Design | Build, our years of experience help us to create accurate timelines for our clients and predict where unexpected delays may arise. Our team is passionate about working with Maryland homeowners to bring out their kitchen’s potential. To talk to us about remodeling the kitchen of your dreams, or to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services, contact us today by calling 410-879-5510.

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