Questions to Ask When Building a Poolhouse: From Timeline to Most Popular Features

Choosing to add a pool house to your home can be a significant step towards customizing your property to your exact specifications, but it’s important to set realistic expectations for both the scope of your project and how long it can take. Thankfully, managing projects and expectations is what the Lynch team does best. Below, the professionals at Lynch Design | Build outline some of the most common considerations you should take when choosing a pool house design as well as some tips to ensure your project stays on your timeline.


What are the Benefits of Building a Pool House in Maryland?

Anyone who is a Maryland resident knows our winters can be frigid and long. But, that shouldn’t stop homeowners from putting love, effort, and time into their outdoor spaces. Maryland poolhouses can be functional and well-enjoyed investments for pool owners all across the state. Below are a few benefits to building a custom poolhouse in Maryland:


  • A pool house can be used nearly all year round in Maryland, depending on how much indoor space you prioritize.
  • It’s customizable and can reflect your tastes while remaining a functional space.
  • It can serve as a place to store extra towels, lounge chairs, umbrellas and even cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • If you’re a natural host who loves to entertain guests during the summer, a poolhouse will make your poolside parties memorable.
  • On a larger scale, it can serve as additional living and kitchen space and could potentially raise your property value over time.


Ultimately, a pool house can be an amazing complement to your outdoor pool and a worthwhile investment as a Maryland homeowner.


What is the Process for Building a Pool House?


The first question you will want to ask yourself when thinking about your potential pool house is whether your neighborhood allows the addition of structures onto residential properties, and, if so, how to go about acquiring or submitting the necessary documents needed for approval. Different municipalities require different levels of permitting for additional structures on residential properties so it is important to cross all your T’s in advance. If you don’t know where to start in this process, the Lynch team can help you navigate your municipality’s regulations.


Once you’ve familiarized yourself with local building requirements and permitting processes, it’s time for the fun to start: the stage where you get to map out your custom pool house with the help of our team. Here is where you determine your priorities for your project and answer a few questions including:


  • How large should the pool house be based on the size of your yard?
  • Will you want to add electricity or plumbing?
  • What kind of windows and exterior materials would you like to use?
  • Are there utilities in the space where you would like the pool house to go? Should they be accessible?


These are all questions you want to ask yourself and discuss with your project coordinator at Lynch Design | Build well before construction begins.


How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool House?

Building a pool house is a big undertaking. The length of time it will take to complete your project varies based on the scope of your custom pool house and how hands-on you’d like to get with the construction. If you choose to build a custom pool house, keep in mind that the design-and-build process can take time; you can’t rush quality, after all. We recommend getting a head start on your pool house design during the winter/early spring so you can enjoy the finished project come summer.


What are the Most Popular Features to Include in a Pool House?

When designing a pool house, you want to keep its main purpose in mind—complementing your pool! A pool house should reflect the design of the main residence and accentuate the pool area. For example, you wouldn’t want to build a pool house larger than the main residence in a style that competes with its architectural elements.


Some of the most popular features to include in a luxury pool house design include:


  • Materials like stone or stucco to elevate the design
  • Landscaping around the pool house to provide shade and an upscale atmosphere
  • Room partitions to separate storage from lounge areas
  • An indoor/outdoor recreation area that seams your pool house with its surroundings
  • A custom bar for poolside cocktails
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • A two-story design for added living space
  • An outdoor shower for rinsing off the chlorine
  • A covered firepit for cool autumn nights
  • An outdoor kitchen for hosting family and friends


Our outdoor spaces are meant to be beautiful, loved, and—most importantly—used. At Lynch Design | Build, we specialize in custom, luxury outdoor spaces that are intentionally designed to be enjoyed no matter the season in Maryland. We approach every project with consideration to the available yard space, home structure, and angle of sunlight. No matter where you’re starting out on your pool house project, we can transform your outdoor space for year-round enjoyment.


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