How to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Sunroom Addition: From Cost-Savings to Environmental Responsibility

One of the most sought-after desires when building a sunroom is to bring in natural light. But while the addition of large glass windows that fill the room with natural light can set a pleasant, Vitamin D-inducing mood it can also be responsible for high energy bills. Thankfully, the Lynch team has a few tips to maximize energy efficiency in your sunroom addition that will allow you to have the space of your dreams while still being environmentally responsible. Below, the professionals at Lynch Design | Build outline some considerations you should take when building your sunroom addition.


What are the Benefits of a Sunroom in Maryland?

From bringing in natural light in the winter to providing a place for your air-purifying plants to thrive in the spring and summer, there are a number of benefits to building a sunroom. Below are a few benefits of building a custom sunroom in Maryland:


  • Boost your mood with natural sunlight.
  • Extra space for hobbies, such as gardening or reading.
  • Creates a perfect environment for your plants.
  • Enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable indoors.
  • Additional living space could potentially raise your property value over time.


Ultimately, a sunroom can be a worthwhile investment that increases the functionality, value and space of your home so that you enjoy your home to its fullest potential.


What Energy Savings Considerations Should I Take?

While a sunroom can be a cost-effective addition to your home, it can be costly to heat and cool when energy savings considerations are not taken. If you’re building a new sunroom, the best way to ensure that your addition is energy efficient is to build efficiency into your design in the first place. Shade in the summer and sun in the winter are ideal conditions when choosing a location. This is best accomplished by adding to a part of your home that is shaded by deciduous trees that drop their leaves in the winter to let more light in when the room needs it most. In Maryland, native trees such as American beech, hickory, maple, and oaks are popular for residential planting.


Another consideration to make is the windows that are used in your design. Since sunrooms are primarily glass, choosing a design that incorporates ENERGY STAR-qualified windows with a low U-factor, meaning they are properly rated for their ability to retain or lose heat, can make a difference when it comes to keeping your sunroom cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Our team can help you map out your custom sunroom project with considerations for glass, proper windows, good framing, and insulation that maximize energy efficiency. Here are a few more questions to get you started:


  • Which direction will your sunroom face?
  • Do you have shade trees on the property or room to plant them?
  • What activities will the sunroom primarily be used for?
  • What kind of windows and exterior materials will maximize the energy efficiency of your sunroom while still being aesthetically pleasing?


These are all questions you want to ask yourself and discuss with your project coordinator at Lynch Design | Build before construction begins.


Don’t Forget the Insulation and the HVAC

Proper insulation in your sunroom addition is essential to avoid extreme temperatures that can affect the temperatures in the rest of your home. While the majority of the materials in most sun room projects are made of glass, insulating the areas around the glass and being comfortable should also be a consideration. For optimum comfort and efficiency, choose a design that incorporates an actual ceiling and roof and make sure to insulate both the ceiling and the floor. Depending on the size of your sunroom addition, you may also want to connect the space to your existing home HVAC system. An experienced contractor will help you choose the type, quality and amounts of insulation needed for your custom sunroom project.


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