What Makes a Chef’s Kitchen Different From a Traditional Kitchen?

It’s no secret that a big, beautiful kitchen is almost every homeowner’s dream. Kitchens are where people gather most in the home. They are where memories are made during holiday gatherings, Sunday dinners, or even meal prep afternoons with the kids. 


In recent years when homeowners reach out to us about designing their perfect kitchen, we hear the term “Chef’s Kitchen” being used.


While many of us swoon over the incredible kitchens that fill our Pinterest feeds, it’s true that not all of us will have a practical need for a chef’s kitchen. However, the avid chef with a love for entertaining is the perfect candidate for a functional and beautiful chef’s kitchen complete with all the trimmings. Here at Lynch Design | Build, our kitchen experts explain the difference between a chef’s kitchen and a traditional kitchen, and who would benefit from the former vs. the latter.


Chef’s Kitchens Have Space for Multiple People to Cook at Once

Homeowners who want built-out chef’s kitchens are probably not doing all that cooking alone. Most chef’s kitchens have space for multiple people to comfortably work with each other. This means ample counter space, large ovens with more burners than the average stovetop, and plenty of space to move around and avoid bumping into each other. After all, even the most skilled chefs need a little help once in a while!



Chef’s Kitchens Have Multiple of the Same High-End Appliances

When it comes to the quality of their kitchen appliances, chef’s kitchen owners do not settle for anything less than luxury. This means you’ll find only top-grade appliances, such as Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ovens and ranges, and Cove dishwashers in their kitchens. Appliances in a chef’s kitchen need to be able to handle the amount of cooking and cleanup that is expected of them, which is why avid cooks should not skimp out when it comes to furnishing their own kitchens.

In many chef’s kitchens, it’s not uncommon to see multiple of the same high-end appliances. Think not one, but two ovens to do the cooking; multiple dishwashers to handle the volume of dirty dishes; and even several refrigerators, including large freezers and wine fridges. Chef’s kitchens are designed for master chefs and generous hosts, which means that multiple of the same appliances come in handy when feeding a lot of mouths or cooking several dishes at the same time.



Chef’s Kitchens Have Specialty Appliances Not Found in a Traditional Kitchen

You guessed it: chef’s kitchens contain specialty gadgets that make it possible to prepare nearly any dish. In addition to your typical oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, chef’s kitchens also include specialty items not normally found in regular kitchens. Think heated drawers to keep prepared food warm, wine refrigerators for easy access and entertainment, and serving/prep carts that make hosting a breeze. 


Often, these specialty appliances will be hidden so that the room feels cohesive and streamlined. Hidden appliances may have the same look and exterior as your cabinetry in order to conceal them, maintain your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, and carry the eye further. 



Chef’s Kitchens Have More Space Than a Typical Kitchen

In addition to more counter and cooking space, chef’s kitchens are generally larger in size than your typical kitchen. They require ample space for multiple cooks to do their magic, in addition to any guests who you choose to host in your kitchen. Chef’s kitchens are often the bustling hub of the home, with family and guests gathering for good food and conversation. That means they should be built as spaciously as possible!


Chef’s Kitchens are for the Avid Cook

If it wasn’t obvious before, chef’s kitchens are not for the amateur cook. Chef’s kitchens are meant to be used and enjoyed for years to come. If you’re an avid cook who loves to whip up delicious creations, entertain friends and family, and host all the holiday gatherings, a chef’s kitchen may be the perfect addition to your home. It may very well become the most beloved room in your house!


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