Spice Up Your Space: Extraordinary Projects That Make Your Home More Luxurious

Owning a luxury home opens doors to unique spaces tailored to your passions. Whether it’s a home library to help you finish your reading goals for the year, a vibrant game room and theater for entertainment, or a wine cellar for your extraordinary collection, the possibilities are endless. Get inspired with six exclusive room ideas from Lynch Design | Build’s luxury design specialists for your next home remodeling venture.


Embrace the Fit Life Without Leaving Home with A Home Gym 

Crafting your own home gym is a game-changer, tailored just for your fitness style. From treadmills to weights, find equipment that fuels your workout vibes right at home.

Dive deeper into your fitness passions with specialized rooms. Yogis, say hello to your tranquil at-home studio for those impromptu flows. Game on! Imagine indoor courts—pickleball, tennis, or basketball—right at your doorstep. And for the water lovers, indoor pools bring year-round practice sessions for your butterfly stroke.

Ever since 2020, the home gym trend skyrocketed. Skip the gym queues and design your fitness haven with us at Lynch Design | Build. Whatever your workout preferences are, the experts at Lynch Design | Build can create the perfect space to suit your needs.


Personal Reader’s Retreat 

An at-home library isn’t just for storage—it’s your personal sanctuary for books and decor. Whether you fancy an elegant, functional, or cozy style, your home library is the canvas for showcasing your unique design flair and extensive book collection.

Built-in bookshelves form the foundation, but the design journey is all yours. Embrace a sleek, modern vibe with monochromatic shelving and minimal decor. For a warm, traditional feel, opt for rich woods like mahogany, walnut, or cocobolo, complemented by a sliding library ladder for that classic touch. If writing is your passion, carve out space for a writer’s desk, ready for moments of inspiration.

Don’t overlook the cozy essentials: a plush chair (or two!), plus a basket brimming with soft blankets for those immersive reading sessions. Home libraries aren’t just luxurious; they’re an indispensable part of your sanctuary.


Lights, Camera, Home: Your Epic At-Home Theater Experience

Gather for movie marathons, cheer on your team, or cozy up for binge-worthy series—a home theater is your ticket to entertainment bliss. It’s not just about movies; it’s about creating unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Your home theater is more than a screen; it’s an experience. Designing the perfect space means bringing your vision to life with expert designers like ours. Our team specializes in crafting comfortable, unique, and personalized theaters tailored to your dreams.

Picture this: recessed lighting, surround sound, and a cinematic projection screen—these essentials recreate that authentic movie theater vibe. And what’s a theater without the right seats? Think auditorium-style recliners for that premium viewing comfort.

With these features, every moment in your home theater becomes an unforgettable experience. Let our experts transform your space into your personal entertainment haven.

Game On at Home: Where Fun Meets Your Living Space

game rooms elevate entertainment and friendly competition. Billiards, pool, and shuffleboard tables add sophistication to the gaming scene. Embrace nostalgia with pinball machines, vintage arcade games, and air hockey for added flair in luxury game rooms. Amp up the fun with TVs for gaming and streaming. For golf aficionados, installing a simulator in your game room or renovated basement offers year-round practice.


Sip, Savor, Cellar: Your Home’s Grape Escape

For the wine connoisseur, a home cellar is one of life’s greatest luxuries. A designated space to showcase your exquisite collection you’ve been building for years. There’s more planning behind building a wine cellar than meets the eye, but our team has nailed down the crucial steps: first, we discuss placement and temperature control with you before starting your project. Once logistics are established, we discuss the materials we will use in your project to match your aesthetic goals.

Beyond design, it’s important to plan which security measures you will incorporate, if any. Some luxury wine cellars are equipped with fingerprint scanners, number passcodes, or RFID bottle authentication. All of these features can be discussed, compared, and selected with the help of our crew. The end result? A breathtaking wine cellar that marries beauty and functionality, transforming your collection into an elegant display worthy of admiration.


Unlocking the Charm of At-Home Bars: Showcasing Your Spirits in Style

Crafting a home bar is more than displaying your liquor—it’s creating a hub for entertainment and immersive experiences. At Lynch Design | Build, we’ve built several custom bars for our clients that have met their unique functional and aesthetic needs. Whether you envision a sleek modern design, a cozy space for intimate gatherings, or a grand display for your prized liquor collection, we customize bars to suit your style and space. Work with our design team to determine the scale and choose a material for your custom bar that will encapsulate the style and sophistication you desire. Once that’s complete, select your preferred way of showcasing your inventory; we’ll help you choose a bar cabinet or display style that will show off your collection while matching your home’s interior. Elevate your home entertainment with a custom-designed bar that’s as tasteful as your favorite cocktail.


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