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From Outdoor Kitchens to Wellness Centers: Luxury Projects to Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

We know you want your living space to be more than just a house – it should be a sanctuary where memories are made and dreams come to life. At Lynch Design | Build, we’re here every step of the way to help you make that happen.  Below, our home remodel experts discuss the world […]

Spice Up Your Space: Extraordinary Projects That Make Your Home More Luxurious

Owning a luxury home opens doors to unique spaces tailored to your passions. Whether it’s a home library to help you finish your reading goals for the year, a vibrant game room and theater for entertainment, or a wine cellar for your extraordinary collection, the possibilities are endless. Get inspired with six exclusive room ideas […]

How to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your Sunroom Addition: From Cost-Savings to Environmental Responsibility

One of the most sought-after desires when building a sunroom is to bring in natural light. But while the addition of large glass windows that fill the room with natural light can set a pleasant, Vitamin D-inducing mood it can also be responsible for high energy bills. Thankfully, the Lynch team has a few tips […]

Questions to Ask When Building a Poolhouse: From Timeline to Most Popular Features

Choosing to add a pool house to your home can be a significant step towards customizing your property to your exact specifications, but it’s important to set realistic expectations for both the scope of your project and how long it can take. Thankfully, managing projects and expectations is what the Lynch team does best. Below, […]

Awkward Stage Series: How to Survive a Specialty Project Remodel

When you choose to tackle a custom remodeling project, such as a home theater, wine cellar or golf sim room, the original space is a blank canvas limited only by your imagination (and budget). Do you want to use the space for hosting or entertaining guests or are you imagining a man cave complete with […]

This Spring, Create Your Self-Care Sanctuary in Advance

Ever wonder why your local shops and grocers start selling seasonal items months ahead of time? Or why your favorite clothing stores begin displaying their summer collection months before we even see temps rise above 50 degrees? Industries like fashion, food and home decor have to plan way in advance—sometimes an entire year ahead—in order […]

Grandparents Moving In? Upgrades to Make Home Life Easy and Accessible

According to Generations United, a surprising 1 in 4 Americans live in a multigenerational household.   This trend continues to increase year after year. In 2011, only 7% of Americans lived in multigenerational households. A decade later in 2021, nearly 26% of American households are multigenerational, a 271% increase. What does this trend mean for […]

What to Consider When Doing a Basement Remodel?

It’s true that a majority of US households have unfinished basements. While there are a handful of reasons why homeowners choose to keep it that way, we’re going to delve into the benefits of turning the blank slate that is your unfinished basement into a beautiful and functional space that you can use daily. Below, […]

Is It Time to Add On To Your Home?

Are you contemplating adding on to your home? Starting a home addition project is no small feat and may not be for everyone. However, if your family is quickly growing, you have parents or grandparents moving in with you, or you’re simply in need of additional space and wish to avoid moving altogether, a home […]

Home Remodels for Seniors: The Perfect Home Additions Fit for Your Aging in Place Experience

As you age, previous attributes to your home, such as a closed floor plan or standing bathtubs, may now pose as obstacles. If you are in need of functional home updates to ease mobility, consider speaking to a member of Lynch Design | Build about a remodel catered toward aging in place. Our team has […]